About Us

Power Up Now is a consortium of individuals and organizations in Northeastern Illinois' electrical industry. Consortium members include more than 520 electrical contracting firms and nearly 2,000 highly trained electricians. All told, we generate more than $22,000,000 per year for the region's economy. Power Up Now also helps drive the infrastructure improvements and technology development that are essential to the region's continued success.

We believe that partnerships provide a competitive advantage and we are determined to secure that advantage for our region. Therefore, Power Up Now works closely with economic development organizations, academic institutions, business advocacy groups, utility companies, and elected leaders. We lend our experience and expertise to support construction projects and next-generation energy technology. We also reach out to others who share our goals and can advance our objectives: to create long-term economic opportunities and cleaner, more energy-efficient communities.


Power Up Now Staff

Diana Rodriguez, Operations Director diana@powerupnow.com